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To order, please call +39 0331 604417 or send an email to the following address: info@ntsrl.it.
Please specify name, surname, address, telephone number, competition number and glider type.
We'll send you immediately the order confirmation with the relevant offer and the delivery date.

Easy MK-II

Easy MK-II
Dimensions 120 x 160 x 60 mm

Connectable devices:
- IGC flight recorder
- Elettronic compass
- Flarm

Further technical characteristic will be soon available.

VAT 20% not included  Euro 3,875.00
Easy Flight Recorder

Easy Flight Recorder (EFR)(FAI-IGC approved), with power and connection cable (3 mt.), GPS antenna and, external temperature and humidity sensors (optional).
Dimensions 66 x 106 x 30 mm, weight 150 gr.

VAT 20% not included  Euro 600.00

Software for flight and navigation data display for handheld (480 x 640).


VAT 20% not included  Euro 300.00

Remote Stick Control, the unit is designed to allow an easy wiring of the lines coming from the stick handle. Fit on top of the control column, for easy and confortable control of the flight computer. Nine function buttons are available plus a PTT push button (radio) and one switch (climb/glide).

VAT 20% not included  Euro 225.00

Prices ex-works Gorla Minore.
N.T. has the right to modify specs and prices without notice.

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